By taking a considered analysis,
we assist clients with a process
of deciding how best to
handle a contract breach

What makes a law firm successful?

When people are looking for a law firm to handle a legal matter that is important to them they want to know they will be looked after by a top legal team. The problem for most people is that it is very hard to be certain about whether a law team is actually the best for them.

Reading the media to identify law firms that win cases is not a reliable way to choose a law firm. Often a legal matter will be withdrawn or it will be settled out of court. Frequently these arrangements include a non-disclosure arrangement. Effectively, the law firms agree to say nothing publicly. So, there may be no clear public signals that a law firm is the one most likely to win your case. Sometimes, very effective law firms are more likely to negotiate an out of court settlement because the opposing legal team knows their track record and understands they are not likely to win against that team of lawyers if the matter goes to court. A top law firm way generate no media coverage for a string of important successes and be legally bound not to explain their successes on their web site.

Roberts Gray Lawyers has an impressive track record but it won’t be made public through an advertising campaign. (Nevertheless, it is worth noting that Google Reviews are indicative of client satisfaction.)  We also undertake regular client reviews for two reasons: it allows us to monitor changing consumer requirements and it allows us to ensure we maintain high calibre services. Some law firms, including ours, recognise that every single decision we make must address client needs and client expectations. That is why we have clear protocols to understand client intentions and desired outcomes.

Where our minds are focused

Law firms have traditionally viewed client expectations through a “law lens”. This set the framework for documents, correspondence and conversations. As pioneers of “Agile Law”, we decided this was not good enough. When we first have a conversation with a new client, we make an assessment of their previous experience and understanding of legal terminology. We tailor our communications to make the client journey informative and valuable. We also, as much as possible, have meetings via phone or teleconference to minimise demands on those who are time poor. Some clients, however, really value face-to-face meetings and we accommodate their requirements in our confidential, secure meeting rooms.

We value our clients above everything else

We believe integrity is critical for our ongoing success. Protecting our integrity keeps us thriving as a business. Part of our commitment to integrity is recognising when a client needs matters to be treated with the highest level of confidentiality and we always act accordingly. This means, of course, that we miss opportunities to tell the world about our successes but our reputation counts for far more than a bit of publicity.

We have a set of management protocols that assist us to remain focused on the well-being of our clients. We are honest with clients when discussing expectations and we make sure our services are appropriate and consistent.

We believe our client-focused approach marks us apart from the bulk of law firms. We try to make all our dealings with clients practical and productive. We seek to offer genuine, well-considered advice and support at all times. We never lose our focus on “Agile Law”.

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