26 September 2018
Major International Award to Roberts Gray Lawyers

Rhys Roberts, Managing Director of Roberts Gray Lawyers today said that all the work put into designing and developing a unique model of service delivery to meet the needs of the business sector has now been accepted internationally with recognition as the BEST CORPORATE LAW FIRM 2018 – MELBOURNE.

Mr Roberts said the APAC Insider Awards were established to recognise developments in the Asia-Pacific region which has the world’s fastest growing legal market.

“At Roberts Gray we have worked to create a new service delivery model to meet the needs of the business sector, with a special emphasis on assisting businesses trying to navigate the complexities of Free Trade Agreements to create opportunities to boost their revenue,” he said.

“We have three specialist divisions that collaborate to find solutions to business problems and to create new opportunities,” said Mr Roberts. “We combine

  1. strategic legal advice
  2. corporate advisory and
  3. government relations, lobbying and strategic communications.”

“We are the first legal practice in the world to develop this model and it is proving to be an effective way of providing holistic management and support for the commercial sector, especially for businesses operating in politically sensitive environments or needing to navigate the complexities of Free Trade Agreements,” he said.

​“Being recognised as THE BEST CORPRATE LAW FIRM IN MELBOURNE is robust evidence that our pioneering approach to redesigning law services, and our pioneering commitment to Agile Law Methodology, is working and delivering results for clients,” said Mr Roberts.


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