27 February 2020

Senate Influence Needed to Beat the Banks

Mr Rhys Roberts, Managing Director of Roberts Gray Lawyers said today that he has initiated dialogue across the banking justice sector to consider running Senate candidates at the next federal election.

“Roberts Gray Lawyers is developing plans, and building strategic alliances, to support independent Senate candidates who will be dedicated to changing legislation to protect people from banks,” said Mr Roberts.

“Although we have recently secured large payouts from major banks for clients, Roberts Gray Lawyers understands how the system is still stacked in favour of banks,” he said.

“It is absolutely essential that there be legislative change to give better support to those people who have been exploited by banks.”

“This is not likely to be achieved without people inside parliament who are continuously focused on genuine banking industry reform and know how to counter lobbying and political pressure from the banking sector,” he said.

“Roberts Gray Lawyers believes the banking industry has always had too much direct influence on governments and independent Senators will be the best means of protecting Australians from the major banks.”

“We are planning resource allocation, and strategic alliances, to support the right Senate candidates,” said Mr Roberts.


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