Supporting Witnesses – Using Video

Roberts Gray Lawyers works with witnesses to prepare them for the procedures they will encounter in court. Not only do we develop communications strategies with clients, but we also go through rigorous processes to ensure our clients can best handle the process of giving evidence in court and handling difficult questions during cross-examination.

Our focus is always on securing a positive outcome without the need to go to court. Sometimes, however, there is no choice in the matter and management of court proceedings becomes critically important. By mapping out and explaining how communications take place within the context of court proceedings, we can help each client feel informed and in control of the questioning processes they will face.

A new specialist service is integral to preparing clients. We conduct practice sessions utilising video recording. We then use the video to show clients how they “appear” and give them advice regarding delivery, clarification of thoughts, body language, managing difficult and hostile questioning and “video presence”

This practice is a critical pre-requisite for best handling the operations of giving evidence and managing the processes of being questioned. It is valid and useful for both in-court procedures and for those situations where a court gives a direction or order for receiving a submission by video link. This includes situations where witnesses are situated in different geographic locations.

Giving evidence via a video link has a different impact on perceptions to giving evidence in court. Matters such as proxemics, body language, eye contact, posture, body movement and facial expressions work differently.

Regardless of whether a client’s appearance will be live in court or via a video link, Roberts Gray Lawyers has a specialist team utilising video rehearsal, to ensure each client has appropriate practice to give a winning performance.