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Commercial Litigation

Roberts Gray Lawyers has capacity and capability to successfully address a diverse range of commercial matters. These are managed through collaboration with our corporate advisory team and through planning for success without incurring excessive administrative or cost burdens.

Our corporate advisory team can provide robust advice for the sale or purchase of businesses and for determining best business structures.

Supporting these actions, our team advises regarding preparation of shareholder agreements and business evolution and succession. In addition, advice is given regarding commercial agreements and their negotiation, franchise arrangements, and trademark registration.

When disputes over business matters arise, our clients know we have the skill, reputation and experience to resolve those disputes in their best interests. The business aims and priorities of our clients are paramount in our approach to handling their litigation.

Our team has handled litigation covering a range of complex commercial disputes for our clients. We support clients that range from companies operating in more than one country to small local businesses, as well as entrepreneurs and other individuals. Our clients benefit not only from our robust record of success in litigating commercial matters but also from the dynamic, cost-effective service that arises from our small cross-disciplinary teams.

For matters arising in litigation and arbitration which involve the legal systems of more than one country, Roberts Gray Lawyers has bi-lateral agreements with law firms in several countries, including the UK, China, Israel and several South American countries. These arrangements also support initiatives created by bi-lateral Free Trade Agreements.

Managing Risks

Litigation is not without risk. The intense demand on resources, along with the high stakes outcomes, can simply put every aspect of a business “on the line”.  It may have taken many years of hard work to build a business and the impact of engagement in litigation may mean a business can no longer function effectively. Roberts Gray Lawyers works with clients to not only find solutions for addressing business disputes but also to protect the functioning and profitability of a business. The risk assessment, often done in conjunction with the corporate advisory team, will review both the benefits and costs of litigation and seek to identify the most productive course of action.

Roberts Gray Lawyers has advised and acted for both businesses and individuals in varying contexts in relation to inappropriate trade practices, insurance matters, commercial debt, contract disputes, insurance claims, shareholder litigation and theft.

These issues have substantial capacity to have a profound effect, including financial outcomes, for individuals and businesses. Out inter-disciplinary team is experienced with situational analysis and can give well-considered advice regarding the risks and exposures, material and perceptual, in commercial litigation.

Partnership Disputes

Business partnerships do not always run smoothly. For the most part, disputes with business partners generally, but not always, arise from situations where there is disagreement regarding critical aspects of running the business. Roberts Gray Lawyers can assist with protecting your interests in these situations and ensure a rational resolution of the dispute.

Matters to consider in a partnership dispute 

In general, partnerships are based upon a signed agreement that sets out the terms and conditions of how the parties will work together. If there is an agreement, it will usually set out the partners’ rights, responsibilities, and the circumstances and conditions that apply when a partner seeks to terminate the partnership.

Of course, sometimes a partnership has come into place without a written agreement. If there isn’t a written partnership agreement then if a partner desires to not continue the partnership it is wise to seek legal advice, especially in relation to matters such as buying/selling a partnership interest.

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