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Communications Strategies to Support Litigation

Roberts Gray Lawyers is one of many law firms that have internal, dedicated communications support. However, the Roberts Gray approach is unique in terms of the strategic priority assigned to communications. All significant legal matters are addressed within a strategic planning framework. This planning addresses public perceptions, competitor communications tactics, existing perceptions of clients, scope for repositioning, sensitive political and social issues, preferred communications channels and preparation and training of key people.  

In our planning, we seek to predict the nature of conversations that will take place and the stimuli that will initiate conversations. We consider the context/environment for both informal conversations and formal communications, the channels likely to be used, the pre-exiting perceptions of audiences, and the tone and register of communications. For our planned responses and for communications initiation, we consider “words”, imagery, video and motion graphics.

For our holistic planning, we cross-reference legal priorities, reputation management, brand and corporate perception, prevailing public perceptions and counters for an opponents’ legal tactics. Unless it is exceptionally low key, any litigation has immense potential to harm or enhance corporate reputation. We plan for the best possible outcome.

We operate with integrated teams who have experience as lobbyists and who are strategic communications professionals. They have worked with Australia’s best political market researchers and know how to manage the interplay between business priorities and the policy environment. Other law firms have communications people on their team but we are unique in providing a coordinated planning environment that is built on collaboration between lawyers and the political liaison and communications advisors.

Things our Communications Team Have Done

  1. Run media training for clients likely to be approached by journalists. Prepared media advisory notices, media releases and support for interviews.
  2. Monitored, reviewed and strategically managed social media campaigns related to litigation and other legal action.
  3. Advised clients who had taken investment action outside the parameters of Free Trade Agreements regarding best political and communications actions. Supported potential investors in Australia to manage the political environment and maximise commercial opportunities.
  4. Provided briefings for clients, CEOs and boards regarding communications strategies that may assist with defending legal matters and reposition public and political perceptions.
  5. Had meetings with Federal Ministers and backbenchers to keep them informed of evolving issues that may have impact on government operation and reputation.

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