Roberts Gray Lawyers specialises in supporting effective business arrangements

Business Arrangements between Australia and Central and South America

For people in Spanish speaking countries, finding a law firm in Australia can be difficult. International law firms, with offices in several countries, tend to be expensive and slow and bureaucratic in operation. Independent law firms may not have the relevant experience to deliver good results.

With escalating trade and investment arrangements developing between Australia and countries in South America and Latin America, contractual and business problems can arise that need quick, effective legal representation. In addition, the ongoing signing of new Free Trade Agreements opens business and investment opportunities. However, the Free Trade Agreements are complex and getting legal advice is important to ensure success.

Roberts Gray Lawyers specialises in supporting effective business arrangements. We can assist with resolving problems arising from business operations and we can also negotiate the best contractual arrangements for new business ventures.

For foreign investors from Central and South America, it is worth noting that Australia’s foreign investment arrangements have been reviewed. In the future, the Foreign Investment Review Board will need to consider and approve all investment proposals that may be deemed to be in a “sensitive national security business”.

Particular attention will be paid to investment proposals in major infrastructure projects, technology, energy and communications. Even when permission is granted to buy an asset, their will be a more rigorous monitoring of compliance arrangements.

Protecting national security is the primary reason for the recent changes to monitoring and managing foreign investment. Roberts Gray Lawyers can assist current and future investors to understand the nature and complexity of regulatory changes and manage them efficiently to protect the integrity of investments.

When investment flows from Australia to central and South America, problems can also emerge. There may be political, social and economic risks of a structural nature. In some countries perceptions of risks associated with changes in government are common. Economic and social management, at different times, may result in concerns regarding legal frameworks and economic and social management in some countries. Through bi-lateral legal partnerships, Roberts Gray Lawyers can assist with risk minimisation and maximising business opportunities.

With the right collaboration, including legal support, there are great opportunities for businesses and investors to be successful and deliver economic and social benefits. There is pronounced economic growth and a growing investment environment.

Roberts Gray Lawyers has Spanish speaking members of staff and can manage correspondence and business documents written in Spanish.