26 October 2017
Britain and Australia could both benefit from post-Brexit trade deals

The Canadian High Commissioner, Janice Charette, recently said there could be an enhanced trade relationship between Great Britain and Canada, once the UK leaves the EU.

​Australia should be taking the same pro-active attitude as Canada.

​Rhys Roberts, Managing Director of Roberts Gray said today that Australia must engage rigorously with the UK to undertake early planning for an effective free trade agreement.

​“The recent free trade agreement between the European Union and Canada took seven years,” said Mr Roberts.

​“Given the complexity of the negotiations involved, Australia must start work now to ensure a bilateral free trade agreement with the UK is timely and effective.”

​“Too many of Australia’s free trade agreements have had minimal impact on trade and investments,” he said.

​Mr Roberts said Australia needs to get the free trade agreement right and that means learning from the approach taken by the Canadians.

​“We must expedite the technical discussions that are necessary for ensuring completion of a proactive agreement,” he said.

​“There is a substantial amount of work that must be completed in advance of Brexit. We must utilise cross-sector dialogue to identify and respond to key issues that will have an impact on the effectiveness of a free trade agreement,” said Mr Roberts .

Rhys Roberts
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