Litigation Lawyer Melbourne

Roberts Gray Lawyers has a highly focused dispute management practice, with significant experience resolving arbitration matters and investigations for clients across key industry sectors, including financial institutions, energy, infrastructure, mining and commodities, transport and technology. Our litigation lawyers act expeditiously on matters of personal and business importance and advise on complex, high-value and sensitive disputes.

Supported by specialist teams, our lawyers provide clients with practical, relevant legal and communications advice that focuses on their strategic and commercial objectives. Our team efficiently manages a continuum of dispute resolution and litigation mechanisms ranging from negotiation, mediation, conciliation and conflict resolution to strategically effective courtroom management.

We are experienced in advising on risk, public relations and political liaison issues within the context of legal disputes. We advise clients on disputes and issues across markets covered by Australia’s Free Trade Agreements including Central and South America, the UK and Asia.

As a key aspect of our service methodology, our team provides clients consistent and proven options analysis, strategic overviews and clear explanations of tactical options. The members of our multidisciplinary team collaborate to develop case strategies and priorities while remaining focused on managing costs for clients.

Our areas of work include

  • Commercial Litigation
  • White Collar Crime and Fraud
  • Banking Litigation
  • Civil Litigation
  • Corporate advisory
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Employment and education law
  • Family law
  • Business and Commercial Law including recommending the most effective ways to structure deals and drafting appropriate documentation for them.
  • Wealth, Wills & Estates
  • Conveyancing and property law
  • Taxation law
  • We note that our international alliances with a range of law firms in other countries positions us to be effective with matters relating to international investment, business partnerships and exports.

Litigation can have negative consequences for a business separate from the legal outcomes by drawing your attention away from the main game (your major business aims). We therefore recommend taking advice to circumvent situations that may result in litigation. At the core of avoiding litigation is ensuring all business contracts are comprehensive and well written, with attention paid to terms and language. Roberts Gray Lawyers can assist with contract preparation and review, as well as related litigation.

In the event of a commercial dispute, you should consider lawyers who know how to tackle problems and issues in an efficient manner. Time is money and you need lawyers who can achieve positive outcomes without running up the clock. It is also wise to use lawyers who have achieved results in circumstances similar to yours.

The team at Roberts Gray Lawyers seek to develop an understanding of the issues, ambitions and budgets of clients as a basis for planning litigation. Roberts Gray Lawyers then works with clients to determine the best approach for handling their matters and meeting their expectations. Always, the aim is to achieve positive outcomes within an economical framework.

When engaging in litigation, there is much at stake and the financial foundations of a business may be affected long term. The team at Roberts Gray Lawyers keep this over-riding fact in mind when planning to represent a client. This underpins actions taken for a client across a range of matters including trusts, contractual disputes and intellectual property issues.

Our litigation team can take the lead with settlement negotiation, mediation and taking matters to court. Our team will value the relationship with you and make a genuine commitment to working closely with you on issues that can mean the difference between your continuing financial well-being and failure of you or your company.

Try to be systematic and rigorous in choosing your law firm to handle litigation. We suggest the following:

See if the law firm can up-front be honest about probable costs.
The law firm can present you with an easily understood description of their approach to handling your matter.
The law firm limits the number of cases each year in order to clearly focus on getting the best results for each client.
The lawyer is clearly intent on looking after you. You feel you can trust them.
In meetings and during phone conversations, the lawyer is clear and direct.

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