Roberts Gray Lawyers sets out to
create enduring quality relationships
with business clients

Business Lawyers

Roberts Gray Lawyers has a strong reputation for facilitating business arrangements where at least two countries are involved e.g. paving the way for profitable exports and investments. However, in fact, most of what we do to support business is solely within Australia’s borders. We help businesses get started, assist them to flourish and carefully manage the various legal matters (problems and opportunities) that arise from time to time.    

We cover a wide scope of work and have a strong record of success. Some of the areas where we have assisted businesses to get off to a good start and to make the most of opportunities that emerge include the following:

  1. Getting the right foundations for a business. Several key legal matters must be addressed before deciding on being a sole trader, setting up a trust, creating a partnership or creating a company.


  2. Creating the right environment for handling problems that arise. The range of problems that can beset a business is substantial and they can cause immense problems. Workplace safety is toward the top of the list but other key issues include sexual harassment, discrimination and procedures to address disability and sick leave.


  3. Risk management. Not only must there be robust compliance arrangements but there must also be systems, procedures and management arrangements for reasonably foreseeable risks. 
  4. Getting contracts right. The right contracts can be integral to bringing on board new employees and engaging with new clients.
  • Managing disputes and challenges that arise. When an employee is disloyal, there is disagreement over the details of a contract or a client or supplier simply doesn’t pay or deliver as required, the right lawyers can find answers or explain preferred actions.
  • Taking the best path when acquisitions and mergers need to be considered. When taking over another company or being acquired, the right legal advice is the first step. Mergers also need a robust legal foundation.

Dealing with business legal issues while avoiding bad publicity

Business achievement and corporate reputation are intertwined. Maintaining a positive reputation can be central to business success and, therefore, dealing with legal issues may sometimes need to be managed by avoiding publicity or by handling those issues in such a way that the effects of publicity are counterbalanced by a suite of appropriate positive actions. This is why Roberts Gray Lawyers uses a specialist communications team to support the legal team. It is a unique approach that delivers good results.    

When supporting businesses, the three key priorities for the Roberts Gray Team are:

  1. Protect brand equity. Core to this is creating the right foundations to prevent rumours and negative publicity for all significant communications channels.
  2. Protect trust. Core to this is the guarantee of commitments to customers, employees and business partners.
  3. Protect sales. Overall, bad publicity has a long-term negative impact on sales. Possibilities for bad publicity must be noted and actions taken to pre-empt problems.

Long standing relationships

Roberts Gray Lawyers sets out to create enduring quality relationships with business clients. Our team – lawyers, corporate advisers and strategic communications experts – regularly gives advice and support across a comprehensive suite of business, corporate and commercial matters. 

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