31 October 2018

Another milestone for the Roberts Gray team​

Mr Rhys Watson, Principal Corporate Advisory for Roberts Gray Lawyers, and Outgoing Chair of Melbourne University’s Graduate Union, has mixed emotions about moving on from his beloved role delivering the goals in the Graduate Union 2016-2018 Strategic Plan.

“Some of the key achievements have included obtaining a robust financial position, developing a collegiate master plan and boosting graduate student accommodation,” said Mr Watson.

​“Getting the finances right was the foundation for the recently approved first stage of our Master Plan, a building with 130 ensuite apartments.”

“This will be an outstanding building with robust environmental credentials,” he said.

​“The façade for the building will have several layers,” he said. “The outermost layer will have ceramic pipes and panels with a non-toxic, photocatalytic coating with anti-bacterial, self-cleaning and anti-pollution benefits.”

​“This outstanding building will stand as testament to the revitalisation of the Graduate Union and will underpin its relevance and financial security in the years ahead,” said Mr Watson.

​Mr Rhys Roberts, Managing Director and Senior Partner at Roberts Gray Lawyers said, with planning approval granted in August for the new Graduate House building at Melbourne University, he is anticipating that Rhys Watson will be able to devote more time to handling the increasing investment inquiries from overseas.

​“When I launched Roberts Gray Lawyers I set out to create a collaboration of specialists that went beyond the traditional boundaries of law services,” said Mr Roberts.

​“I invited Rhys Watson to join our team so we could offer a greater depth of advice to support the escalating levels of interest in Australian investment, especially from China,” he said.

​“The range of interest extends from acquisition of property and businesses to mergers and collaborations, sometimes involving corporate restructuring, and a variety of cross-border partnerships.”

​“With one important milestone reached for Melbourne University’s Graduate Union, we can now give more timely response to the escalating inquiries from businesses in China and, of course, our Australian clients,” said Mr Roberts.