Client communication is critical for
success in business.

Communications with clients

Roberts Gray Lawyers, long ago, recognised that client communications is critical for success. By getting communications right, we protect our well-earned reputation and actually boost our operating efficiency. Supporting clients requires dedicated management of direct-to-client communications and integrated internal communications.

We know that clients need to be kept up-to-date about the legal matters concerning them. We also know that delivering effective communications ensures our clients are confident that we are focused on their requirements. It gives them assurance and confirmation regarding the progress of their legal matters.

Where appropriate, we develop communications strategies with clients, so they know we are serious about communications and know what to expect. We also pick the right communications channels for different situations. Some matters require more formal communications and others can be handled with a quick phone call. To back up effective communications, we keep records and encourage clients to let us know when circumstances change or they have new information.

When clients have a priority matter, they often don’t know how fequently to have dialogue with their legal team. They don’t know when to communicate. By mapping out and explaining how communications take place, we can help each client feel informed and not waste their time on unnecessary communications. Where it will be practical we sketch out a communications plan.

Delays in legal proceedings are quite common. Indeed, some law firms and their clients, in various situations, will seek to deliberately delay proceedings. If we encounter delays when handling a matter for a client, we advise as soon as practical. This moderates uncertainties and concerns. It also gives us an opportunity to talk to our client about whether our efforts are on track.

Roberts Gray Lawyers believes that a key to success is providing first class client service and our experience tells us that our communications need to be outstanding if we are to deliver the highest level of service. We have long term relationships with many clients because quality communications are at the heart of everything we do.

Things that upset clients … and how we avoid doing them

Poor quality client communications is one of the top three matters that upset people about their law firm. Recent research shows that the level of complaints about law firms is increasing and complaints are often about communications.  Another matter generating complaints is document handling.

Roberts Gray Lawyers monitors market trends and sets in place strategies to prevent problems that occur in other law firms. We build all case management around quality communications with clients. We have also recently gone “fully electronic” to reduce the risk of document misplacement.

Our “near paperless” offices get us on top of document handling. We have a streamlined flow of communications and eDocuments. One advantage emerging from these changes is the generation of data regarding our practice procedures. This gives us the foundations for becoming even more efficient.

While our internal management changes may not be very visible to clients, those changes allow us to better support them. We get better results. Ultimately that is what is all about. We are lawyers who are focused on getting victories for our clients. That is what brings us to work each day.

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