We assist clients with a process
of deciding how best to approach
separation and divorce.


What you need to consider when choosing a family lawyer to support you through a separation or divorce

Some of us who handle family law matters do so, not because it generates profits, but because we can play a pivotal role in helping people deal with a devastating part of their lives. Handling family law matters, such as divorce proceedings, does not very often generate repeat business. By contrast a good business client can bring many issues to a law firm over time. Nevertheless, we at Roberts Gray Lawyers, have a special commitment to family law.

It is a privilege to be entrusted with the role of assisting somebody handle what may be the most traumatic event in their lives. We are not just lawyers in these situations. We do our very best to provide sound advice and emotional support. We work with our clients to understand all the problems they are facing, not just the formal divorce proceedings. We know they will be coping with differing and spiralling feelings, premonitions and passions. We know they may be worried about their future. We are there to help in many ways.

We work with our clients to get the best possible results from their situation and prepare for a new future. We review all the facts of the situation and rigorously prepare a winning legal strategy. We prepare well and fight with unyielding vigour. Our knowledge of relevant law, along with a deep understanding of tactics used by other lawyers, positions Roberts Gray Lawyers to get best outcomes.

At the heart of our dealings with clients is integrity. We give these cases high priority, allocate necessary resources and are very fair when managing costs. Because these matters have a long-lasting effect on people’s lives and well-being, we act with courage and we are unrelenting in seeking the best possible outcome.

If your case is financially complex, we will call on the services of financial professionals and other relevant experts. We often arrange support from our in-house communications team and investment advisory service.

Our clients must live with the outcomes of divorce proceedings for the rest of their lives. That’s why we are focused on giving thorough advice and supporting educated decision making. To ensure this happens we do the following:

  1. Keep records of everything: correspondence, meeting outcomes and all information that supports the case.
  2. Have regular face-to-face meetings.
  3. Prepare our clients for court appearances and negotiations.
  4. Plan ahead to make sure what we do in Court is to-the-point and relevant.
  5. Support our clients to write a regular diary as part of a case history.
  6. Return phone calls promptly and respond to written communications (e.g. emails) as quickly as possible. If we are tied up in Court, another member of staff will give an interim reply.

Other family matters

Roberts Gray Lawyers can assist with preparing divorce and custody agreements, prenuptial agreements and separation agreements. We can assist with dispute resolution, and we can arrange mediation processes.

In cases of adultery or physical abuse, we can handle times of “emotional tension” and give the best possible support.

Roberts Gray Lawyers has the skills and resources to support times of transition when new family arrangements are beginning. We can help you create the legal foundations for an untroubled future.

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